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Claudia Chandler, Silver Jewelry, Baskets, Textiles
Peter Curtis, Fine Furniture
James Gonzalez, Metalworks
Jeri Haldeman, Painted Silk Scarves
Foster Holcombe, Glass
Ginny Hovendon, Painting & Drawing
Mary Knapp, Quilts, Textiles & Painting
Greg Lago, Printmaking & Sculpture
Chris Murray, Photography
Kari Robertson, Clay
Gina Wells, Metals & Jewelry


Claudia Chandler, Completely Claudia
A native of Washington State, Claudia grew up with a keen appreciation of nature. Her earliest memories are full of the rich smell of crayons, pine trees, and the salt sea air of the ocean. From carefully crafted mud pies in the back yard, to drawing on her chalkboard easel, Claudia has lived her life attempting to interpret the world around her. Claudia’s first mural was discovered on a wall of her childhood bedroom.
Now, Claudia Loomis Chandler creates from her home in the Adirondack Mountains, with her husband Mark, her Macaw, Lapis, and her Belgian Tervuren, Sapphie, as quality control experts.

Peter Curtis, Curtis Furniture Company
Peter Curtis, Evans Mills, NY, designer and cabinetmaker, founded Curtis Furniture Company in 1981. I started this business with the concept to build quality, handcrafted custom furniture and cabinetry and to sell directly to the end consumer. Now, in our 2nd generation, we continue this trade and have become renowned within our community and beyond for our dedication, skills and affordability to design and build fine furniture and kitchen cabinetry for every home and every budget. Curtis Furniture is located on Route 342 in Evans Mills and has a full showroom. Our historic workshop is located just behind the gallery and we encourage everyone to take a tour through our 10,000 square foot shop to see first-hand where the cabinetry is built. Our products include but are not limited to, bedroom, dining room & living room sets. Entertainment centers, office furniture & complete home restorations, including kitchen cabinetry, wainscoting and millwork. Curis Furniture has become a destination to many residents and businesses in Northern New York and we welcome you to our cabinetmaking trade and business.

James Gonzalez, Farmhouse Forge
Farmhouse Forge is the metal shop of artist blacksmith, James Gonzalez. The shop is located in the heart of the North Country of New York State, on the site of a former dairy farm.

James has been in business since 2001 after studying sculpture at Mass College of Art. He specializes in bringing art and creativity to the functional, and strives for a collaborative process with the client to arrive at investment-quality ironwork. Products range in scale from hand-held to architectural.

The craft of blacksmithing is ancient and storied. The process of working the iron hot allows the craftsman to arrive at unique and arresting forms. It is where the iron comes to life.

Jeri Haldeman
Jeri has been designing and creating beautiful and unusual textiles for the home and body since 1984.  Her designs and compositions are simplified elements from her physical surroundings. Bold patterns, colorful images and hand-written messages echo throughout her work. Her designs are often asymmetrical and tailored to change as the fabric drapes, twists and folds on the body or object; they morph into new patterns and interpretations.

Jeri  received her BFA from Boston University’s, Program in Artisanry, studied at Rhode Island School of Design, and traveled to the Ivory Coast with Parsons School of Design, all to explore how textiles, as functional art, fulfill the human need for adornment. As a freelancer, she has designed textiles for industry and individual commissions. In 1986, Jeri co-founded Iro Design in Boston, creating textiles for a variety venues. In 1990, she launched KALA design from Hawaii.  “Kala” a Hawaiian word meaning to accept change, money or color. Jeri’s art practice is not limited to textiles, though they are the “key element” in all of her work.

Jeri teaches art at Belleville Henderson, grades k-12. She lives on a tree and asparagus farm with her best friend, 1 son, 5 dogs, 1 cat and some chickens.

Foster Holcombe, Art of Fire Contemporary Glass
Foster Holcombe’s interest in Glass began in 1976 with his stained glass studio in Denver, Colorado.  While attending a summer seminar in enameling techniques at Pilchuck in 1978, Foster became interested in Hot Glass.  In 1980-81 he studied Glassblowing, decorating and technology in Stourbridge, the heart of England’s glass industry. Art of Fire Studio is located in a renovated dairy barn in northern Montgomery County, Maryland and is the largest State-of-the-Art Studio in the mid-Atlantic.  In the summer months, Art of Fire opens in Chaumont, NY, offering Glassblowing classes, Make-Your-Own workshops and Shopping opportunities.

Ginny Hovendon
Ginny Hovendon is a secondary art teacher at Copenhagen Central School as well as an adjunct instructor at Jefferson Community College.  She also teaches figure drawing for The North Country Arts Council.  Always interested in portraiture, Ginny is currently creating a series of large-scale charcoal drawings and oil paintings of artists.  Finding subject matter is relatively easy because she has so many friends that are working artists.

Her media choice lately has been charcoal, but she has always worked with oils and has a love for ceramic work as well.  Another favorite subject of Ginny’s and one she often goes back to is her study of fish and birds.  Her husband, an avid fisherman and taxidermist, provides her with great specimens to work from.  In 2007 her painting “Walleye” was featured in the American Artist Magazine.  She has won numerous awards.   She exhibits her work throughout the North Country.

Mary Knapp
When Mary Knapp first started quilting, she thought that a quilt should be made to cover a bed.  She soon learned that quilts should also be used for wonderful pieces of wall art.  All of Mary’s works are original, one of a kind pieces.  From the initial design to the end result, each piece is hand crafted. Mary has taught classes and had exhibits in a variety of venues. One of her quilts was used as art for the cover of a college math text.

“My quilts are a meld of many aspects of my background.  I enjoy the process of designing and combining.  I love that “How’d she do it” look on a viewer’s face.  And then the teacher in me enjoys explaining just how I did it.   I taught biology to high school students for many years and many of my quilts show that influence.  Then as now, creating interest in a field requires input from many related areas.  I enjoy combining the preciseness of mathematical measurement with the excitement of fabric and the art of nature.

I think design, fabric and quality workmanship are critical to making an enjoyable, lasting piece of work.  I like to draft my patterns using sound, mathematical proportions so that the quilt will be pleasing to the eye.  The fabric must be top quality in drape and color-fastness.  Lastly, I want my quilts to be in use longer than me, so the workmanship must be top-notch.  I want them to have a “look at me, touch me” aura.
My family consists of a supportive husband, two grown sons and their families and a huge Newfoundland dog.  All of them add to the qualities I use in my quilts.  My men always have an opinion and new ideas for me to develop.  My dog forces me to take a break and go for a run in any weather.  We ski in the winter and swim and boat in the summer in upstate New York along the St. Lawrence River.”

Greg Lago, Winged Bull Studio
Greg Lago has worked over 40 years as a printmaker. His wood engraved prints have been part of international exhibitions in San Francisco and New York City, and the Society of Wood Engravers has included his work in touring exhibitions in the British Isles. His work is part of numerous permanent collections including the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY and the Glenbow Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Greg currently owns and operates Winged Bull Studio.

Chris Murray, Chris Murray Photography
Chris Murray has been practicing landscape photography for over fifteen years. His work has appeared in several magazines including Popular Photography, Shutterbug, Adirondack Life, Life in the Finger Lakes, and New York State Conservationist. His landscape stock imagery is represented by Aurora Photos and Getty Images. He has conducted photography workshops through Cazenovia College and the Thousand Islands Arts Center.

Chris’ interest in photographing landscapes is derived mainly from his love of the natural world, the same love that led him to choose geology as his first profession. For Chris, the appeal of photography lies in the blending of the technical and the artistic. As a scientist, he is drawn to the technical aspects of photography. The skills he has learned as a scientist, the attention to detail and careful observation, as well as a deep understanding of the natural world, have also helped him immensely as an artist.

Chris Murray resides in Syracuse, NY.

Kari Zelson Robertson
Kari makes clay objects, sculptures for the home and table. Each object, whether a cup, bowl, planter, or platter, is meant to be a touchable sculpture, an aesthetic pleasure and a utilitarian object. Handbuilt and wheel thrown, she uses combinations of both depending upon goals for the final form. Kari is inspired by water and earth. The movement, beauty and life force of water is so much a part of our existence in Northern New York. The medium of clay carries the paradox of pliability and permanence. The architectural possibilities at each stage offer never ending questions which she enjoys investigating.

Introduced to clay as an undergrad in 1982, her intent is to be a lifelong learner in the field. Kari has done some graduate work in ceramics at Alfred University, spent two months on a partial scholarship to the internationally recognized Penland School of Craft in North Carolina, and attends workshops and conferences as often as possible. This spring, her “thumbprint yunomi” was juried into the Twin Cups National in Western Missiouri by master ceramicist, Ted Neal.

Kari works in her studio, a part of her 1860’s “upstate farmhouse”, about 5 miles east of Watertown, NY, 28279 NYS Route 126, Rutland Center.

Gina Wells, One of a Kind Jewelry
A native of Watertown, NY, Gina attended Springfield College and St. Lawrence University, majoring in biology.

After raising a family, Gina attended New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, NB, Canada for two years, full time, majoring in metal. She received a diploma and was number two in class. She was featured on provincial television show as promising jeweler of N.B. Gina attended workshops given by Charles Lewton-Brain (Fold-forming), Tim McCreight, and Donald Stuart (Chip Inlay), renowned artists in the metal field internationally.

When Gina finished at NBCCD, she moved back to northern NY and established Gina’s One Of A Kind Jewelry in 1990. She began working in copper and brass as well as sterling silver and gold. She has developed a patination process for brass and copper, as well as fine-tuning reticulation process for brass. She sells at both retail and wholesale levels and can be found at juried craft shows in New York and Vermont. Her work can be found in fine gift shops and galleries across the country.